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Super Florida

The Florida was named after the American state and was crafted with a powerful engine to be used for water skiing.
Up to 2 passengers
From 800.00€

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The Ariston was the boat that Carlo Riva was most fond of. A smooth yet sporty ride, this boat was made for Lake Como.
Up to 4 passengers
From 1'000.00€

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The Riva Tritone is one of the most famous models of the Riva line and is widely considered the most beautiful Riva model of all time.
Up to 6 passengers
From 1'300.00€

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Venetian Limousine

Venetian taxis represent an old alliance between Como and Venice.
Up to 8 passengers
From 450.00€

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Built for the upper-class, these boats are the symbol of elite tourism of that era.
Up to 10 passengers
From 600.00€

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